MagnumCast Top Ten of 2014



1. The Air War – Adrian Tchaichovsky’s Shadow of the Apt series scales epic heights with this seventh volume. The steampunk insect kinden embrace total industrial war with the Wasp Empire trying to wipe Collegium from the map.
2. The Iron Council – China Mieville – a lyrical Trotskyist writes ‘Hell on Wheels – the revolution’ in a universe of surreal warfare, capitalist corruption and underlying cosmic horror. Terrific complex and demanding stuff.
3. Gotham – it’s flawed – I don’t recognise the MCU characters and Barbara blah blah but the Penguin arch is terrific.
4. Flash – four colour supers done on telly and done right.
5. King of Dragon Pass – an old PC game exiting the dramatic and intense Runequest RPG universe of Glorantha gets a new lease of life on IOS. You play the Chiefs of a tribe leading your community through the many perils. Wonderful & atmospheric.
6. Ken & Robin Talk about stuff – two leading RPG authors take on all manner of topics on a weekly basis – well read, witty & with imaginations the size of a planet it’s cracking conversation.
7. The Cromcast – bourbon supping Kentucky boys talk all things Robert E Howard with good humour, good fellowship & good whiskey.
8. Saga – because it’s just flipping awesome.
9. Gone girl – this noirish film was Mrs K’a choice for a date right & it knocked me right if my feet. Hypnotic despite a lack of likeable characters.
10. Warmaster’s Gate & Seal of the Worm – Adrian Tchaichovsky finishes his Shadow of the Apt with two excellent novels rolling over and through fantasy cliches delivering an epic end to the ten novel series.

Luke Foster:

10) She-Hulk
9) Seconds
8) Rai

7) Wild’s End

6) Copperhead

5) Grayson*

4) Grandville: Noel
3) Nailbiter

2) Southern Bastards

1) The Fade Out
*Grayson #3, however, was my favorite single issue of the year. Perfectly crafted and note-perfect from beginning to end.

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