Double Page Spread Top 10 of 2014


1. The Guest – Adam Wingard’s follow up to “You’re Next” surprised me as an action classic even in a year where we got John Wick, Raid 2 and Winter Soldier.
2. Jodorowsky’s Dune – a surprisingly inspirational doc about the failure of an ambitious adaptation. It made me reconsider how closely I think movies/comics should follow their source material.
3. Moon Knight – my favorite superhero book of the year. Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey made him unhinged and questionable in a book I recommend anyone can jump into issue to issue. And he looks so dapper!
4. Fargo the tv show- We may have universally raved over True Detective, but Fargo was equally intense with one psychotic performance from Billy Bob Thornton. Molly Solverson’s relentless determination almost made me forget Marge Gunderson.
5. Run the Jewels 2- Run the Jewels. My favorite album this year, a follow up to the collaboration between El-P and Killer Mike.
6. Black Mirror – the BBC anthology show that imagines unsettling scenarios we’ll have with technology in the near future, but feels much too current.
7. Scanners Criterion edition – one of my favorite Cronenberg films gets the Criterion treatment with a special behind the scenes of that legendary head explosion!
8. Lance Reddick – “Fringe” and “The Wire” may be gone, but whenever Lance Reddick is on my screen I squeal a bit. His brief appearances in “John Wick” and “The Guest” make me wish he was my stern, authoritative boss.
9. Robbi Rodriguez/SpiderGwen- we all loved the new Batgirl redesign, but Robbi Rodriguez swooped in and webbed our hearts with this lovely, simple, streetwise look in “Edge of Spiderverse”.
10. The Rock’s Instagram- When I have a bad day, nothing cheers me up quite as much as seeing pictures of Dwayne Johnson doing nice things. He’s always helping his mother or hugging a dog or something!

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