Monsters Are Such Interesting People – Annabelle

Monsters are such interesting people


Annabelle (2014) The creepy doll that stole the show in the previous year’s hit Haunted House/Possession flick steps into the spotlight in this spinoff prequel, but she should have stayed in the box. Set in the late 60s, a year or two before the events of The Conjuring, an incredibly boring, young, pregnant couple survives an attack from the devil cult that murdered their next door neighbors. The dying Satanist managed to bleed into the eye socket of the doll, thus possessing it. The wife, a full anna2grown woman, is an avid collector of ugly dolls for some reason. Spooky things start to happen in the house, and Annabelle, though never moving an inch, is always at the scene of the crime. They have the baby, then move, but the spirits follow. A cliché of a neighbor befriends the woman, and conveniently owns an occult bookstore so they can read all about demonic possession, and how they might combat the spirits. Cardboard acting and a script that felt like it was written in a day, along with a “monster” that was better suited as a supporting character made this a painful, dull watch, with zero surprises. The most interesting thing about this movie is that the lead actress’s real name is coincidentally Annabelle. Director John Leonetti has been cinematographer for many horror films, some of them even good. At least he has something to fall back on. Not recommended, not even for a laugh.


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