Double Page Spread Episode 99: Sampsa Granstrom

d1It’s the return of everyone’s favorite Helsinki native, Sampsa Granstrom, back to talk more comics! Sampsa and Wendi discuss what they’re reading and watching lately (She Hulk, Gotham Academy, Batgirl, Wicked and Divine and more), discuss the merits of limited series, and then get into some reviews.
They discuss 3 books from Steve Niles’ new imprint, Black Mask Studios. “Critical Hit” (Matt Miner, Jonathan Brandon Sawyer), “Pirhouette” (Mark Miller, Carlos Granda) and “Last Born” (Patrick Meaney, Eric Zawadzki). Upon typing this, Wendi now realizes that is Mark MILLER, not MILLAR and feels kinda silly.
They also dissect “World War Kaiju” from 01 Publishing, written by Josh Finney, art by Patrick McEvoy.
Wendi absolutely despised one of these books and very much loved another, so listen to find out!

​And please consider contributing to the fund for our late friend, Jeremy Dale, to help his family cover funeral expenses.


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