Snapshot: Rocket Raccoon #5 Reviewed by Rene Alvarado

Rocket Raccoon #5

Written by: Skottie Young

Art: Jake Parker

Cover Art:  Skottie Young

This comic has been a really nice surprise for me. With art & writing by Skottie Young, this book is an all ages series with everyone’s favorite tag team, Rocket Raccoon & Groot. What has surprised me, and I think a lot of readers, is how good the writing has been. Skottie’s art has always been good and now we know he can write. This issue is a fun romp. A filler issue in between storylines, Rocket is out camping with some kids and let’s Groot tell a story by the campfire in the way that only Groot can tell a story. I discovered this fun series from a preview issue in a recent Loot Crate and I’ve been a fan ever since. Recommended.

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