Snapshot: Amazing Spiderman #9 Reviewed by Rene Alvarado


STORY: Dan Slott

ART and COVER: Olivier Coipel

COLORS: Justin Ponsor

LETTERS BY: Chris Eliopoulos


Amazing Spiderman #9

This issue is part one of the new Spider-Verse storyline and it’s a good start. I haven’t read any of the Spider books since Superior Spiderman ended (RIP). I picked this book up to see what the hype was about on the Spiderverse. I was not disappointed. It is a good catch-up issue as it lays out the story for old and new readers. It explains almost everything that’s been going on in the main Spider books in one issue. Kudos to writer Dan Slott for being able to explain a whole lot of dimensional hopping versions of Spiderman from all over the Marvel Universe in one easy to follow comic book. The art by Olivier Coipel is gorgeous!! This is where the Spiderverse truly begins. Pick it up.

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