Monsters Are Such Interesting People – The Karnstein Trilogy

Monsters are such interesting people  

v1The Vampire Lovers (1970) The first of Hammer Film’s Karnstein Trilogy, based on the classic novella v2“Carmilla” by Sheridan Le Fanu. Ingrid Pitt plays the beautiful Carmilla, a seductive vampire who comes too stay with a family and makes close friends with the equally beautiful Emma (Madeline Smith). Peter Cushing plays a General, who niece was a previous victim of the sexy vamp who was using the anagrammed pseudonym of “Mircalla” at the time. Will Emma be saved before it’s too late? There was a good amount of blood and decapitations, and all the nudity you want in this relatively faithful adaptation of the book, which I recommend strongly.




Lust For a Vampire (1971) Second entry in Hammer’s Karnstein Trilogy, based on the classic horror l2tale, Carmilla. In the late 1800s, a novelist takes a teaching job at a finishing school for apparently only beautiful girls so he can perv out on them. No ugly friends with a good personality at this school, which is dangerously close to Karnstein Catsle, where legend has it, vampires used to reside. The lovely Yutte Stensgaard plays the reincarnation of Carmilla/Mircalla, and men and women alike fall under her spell, most of whom end up with a neck full of teeth, and/or thrown down a well. Some blood and nudity, not quite as good as Vampire Lovers, but worth watching.


Twins of Evil (1971) The final entry in Hammer’s Karnstein Trilogy. Two cute little twins move to a t2small village to stay with their uncle after their parents are killed. Peter Cushing is the uncle, and he’s also the local Witchfinder, and he and his mad posse go around accusing and burning young women who appear to be innocent without a trail. Count Karnstein lives in a castle overlooking the town, and with his money and connections, he stands above the law, and flaunts his Satanic practices at Cushing. As for thet3 Twins, Maria is a goody-two-shoes but Freida wants to know what goes on inside the Karnstein Castle. She finds out! A lot of sexiness, but not nearly as much actual nudity as Vampire Lovers or Lust for a Vampire, but a very good movie. Multiple-time Playboy Playmates Mary and Madeline Collinson play the twins. Is that what Google’s for?

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