Monsters Are Such Interesting People – The Haunting

Monsters Are Such Interesting People

M1The Haunting (1963) Many suspicious deaths have occurred in Hill House over the years, so M3anthropologist Dr Markway and a crew lease the house with intent to investigate any evidence of paranormal activity. Eleanor (Julie Harris) is among the “experts” because of a poltergeist experience she had as a child. She is socially awkward, as she has done nothing but cared for her recently deceased invalid mother her entire adult life, and welcomes a change in her life, although it becomes very clear that house is taking a specific interest in her. Pretty M2brunette Claire Bloom plays a Claire-voyant (sorry, I have no excuse for that), and Russ Tamblyn (West Side Story) is the young man who stands to inherit the place. Also look for 007’s own Miss Moneypenny herself, Lois Maxwell. No jump scares or silly ghost FX in this one, just a slow paced build up that turns out to be very effective and creepy. And the sets are great too, every door, stairway, fixture, etc, seems to be askew. This is arguably the best haunted house movie there is, masterfully directed by multiple Oscar winner Robert Wise. Based on a novel by Shirley Jackson.


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