Monsters Are Such Interesting People – Gamera 1965 – 1980: Part 4 of 3

Monsters are such interesting people

monster2Gamera vs Zigra (1971) The 7th Gamera film was the first one that was not released to American television by AIP, so this is going to be the first one that I didn’t have any vague recollections of watching as a kid. It did eventually get an American dub and TV run sometime in the 80s. This time the children are a Japanese boy and girl, and much younger than the earlier films. The kids had ranged from 8-12 before, there ones were like six! They stow away on a fishing boat with their dads, which gets beamed up to a spaceship form the planet Zigra, which has a woman who tells them how and why Zigra will conquer the Earth, and a creature that resembles a shark-bird who seems to be in charge. When the kids manage an escape, shark-bird orders the woman to follow and kill them. She steals clothes from other women to fitmonster1 in with humans, first a bikini in which she hitch-hiked, and later a hot mini-skirt! She can also put humans in a comatose state with a glance and a snap! Eventually Gamera and shark-bird get into it, Gamera getting knocked unconscious underwater with his foot sticking out, and then being revived my a lightning bolt, and later getting the upper hand when the battle moves to land. This would be the last Gamera film in the original run, with the exception of Gamera: Super Monster, which was mostly stock footage put together from the existing films.

IMG] (1)

Gamera: Super Monster (1980) Nine years since Daiei produced its last Gamera film, this one uses new footage to wrap around recycled fight sequences from all seven previous films. The new story is that space aliens are set to take over the Earth, and they send a monster to destroy it, one at a time, each one defeated by Gamera. All of Gamera’s previous foes makes a return; Barugon, Gyaos, Virus, Guiron, Jiger and Zigra each get to relive their beatings once again. A young boy has written a NEW GAMERA MARCH! Sacrilege, it was nowhere as good as the old one. He makes friends with three IMG]space women who run a pet store, and are there to help. A few notes on a keyboard and some well-choreographed dance moves, and they transform from normal human women into space-suit wearing, flying heroines, who may sometimes shrink to a foot high and all sleep in a purse. One evil space woman keeps getting blamed every time Gamera defeats a monster, as if she was the one fighting. The fire-eating, children-loving terrapin wouldn’t return again until the 1995 reboot.

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