Romeo Must Die – Battle of the Booty Songs

So this week Jennifer Lopez unleashed her much published Booty Remix video with Iggy Azalea. This is the answer to Nicki Minaj Anaconda video that blew up the internet..

Destroying the streaming record with over 36 million views beating Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball video .

photo5Now there have always been booty songs. From the great Sir Mix Alot (Baby got Back ),
R. Kelly classic (Feeling on your Booty ), who could forget Sisqo (Thong Song), Mystikal (Shake it Fast) , Wreckx-N-Effect (-Rumpshaker, )  Juvenile – (Back that Ass up ), Nelly & Diddy,( Shake your tail feather )and of course Destiny’s Childs (Bootylicious ) & Black Eyed Peas ( My Humps) or The Commodores ( Brickhouse). So there’s always been songs about a lady’s derrières. I’m partial to Baby Got Back honestly – but I’m just going to judge the two videos side by side. In this battle of Booty Videos I have to say Anaconda wins over Jlo Booty Video. As I watch both videos side by side, Anaconda is more of a homage to Baby Got Back.

It funny in that way. While the Jlo Iggy video seems more like a desperate attempt by Lopez to stay relevant with today’s music . Lopez is still a very hot and beautiful woman if its looks in my opinion she beats Minaj. But I don’t know her video just came of sad to me like ok let me get Iggy who’s really hot right now and latch on to her big booty for a hit that I really haven’t had in a photo16while. Lopez looks like she’s trying to reclaim her throne as a Maxim hot girl.She also has a hot triller dropping in 2015 The Boy Next Door trailer is also very hot and steamy. So, Lopez is defiantly going back to the sex appeal route that made her a style icon. Remember that Green Grammy Dress? But for me personally, the video just didn’t work. Now both videos are up decide for yourself who won. Was it Jennifer Lopez Iggy Azalea ( Booty)? Or Nicki Minaj ( Anaconda )?  Now I asked this question on The Romeo Must Die & Shucky Ducky Experience Group page and the page disagreed with me many felt the Jlo Video was indeed the hotter video….

What are your thoughts?

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