Monsters Are Such Interesting People – Targets

Monsters are such interesting people

IMG]Targets (1968) Peter Bogdanavich’s (Last Picture Show, Mask) classic directorial debut. The story goes that Boris Karloff owed Roger Corman a day or 2 of shooting, so he tells Bogdanovich to use that, along with footage of a Karloff throwaway flick called IMG]-2The Terror and a week or so with other actors and do what you can. What we get is Karloff basically playing himself, Byron Orlack, a veteran horror actor who is tired of his profession because real life newspaper headlines are more terrifying than the Gothic horror roles he’s been playing for decades. Bogdanovich himself plays a film director who tries to convince Karloff to make one more movie, and a pretty Asian-American named Nancy Hsueh played Boris’ secretary. Unfortunately, this lovely woman died in real life at the age of 40. In an unrelated IMG]-3plot based heavily on Charles Whitman (who shot and killed over a dozen people on the campus at the University of Texas), an all-American young man kills his family, then goes on a random shooting spree in the L.A. Valley. The two stories come together in the end in this classic of modern horror. It would have been nice for Karloff to call this gem his last film, but he has a few posthumously released cheapies he made down in Mexico follow this. Highly Recommended.

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