From the Rookie Corner – The Milo Manara Controversy

OK, kids. It’s rant time. By now, I assume most of you have seen/heard about/read about/whatever the variant cover for Spider-Woman #1. If not, take a minute to look at Milo Manara’s art. Go ahead. Take a few minutes…


Yup. There it is. And the internet exploded…


Marvel’s coming book from writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Greg Land hits shelves on November. Check out the solicitation.

Variant Cover by MILO MANARA
Blank variant ALSO AVAILABLE
New Ongoing Series/Spider-Verse Tie-In! Jessica Drew has been an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and agent of S.W.O.R.D., an Avenger and so much more. But nothing could prepare her for the multidimensional insanity that is Spider-Verse! A war is brewing, and every spider-character in the multiverse is a target! But being a target is something Jessica Drew just won’t abide. She’s a woman with a mission and with Silk, the newest spider-character on the block at her side, she’ll have to put all her training to the test if she wants to make it out of Spider-Verse alive! SPIDER-VERSE KICKS OFF A NEW ONGOING SERIES! 
• Dennis Hopeless (CABLE & X-FORCE, AVENGERS: ARENA) and Greg Land (UNCANNY X-MEN) bring you a universe spanning adventure starring Jessica Drew Spider-Woman and the newest spider-hero, SILK! 
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

The variant cover by  Milo Manara was revealed via his Tumblr. If you don’t know Manara, he is an artist known for his pornographic comics Click, Butterscotch and Hidden Camera. He has done variant covers in the past:

So, basically, this Spider-Woman cover is very typical Manara. I don’t think it’s fair to be hating on him over this one. Do I like his art? Nope. Would I buy it? Nope. But obviously some people are buying it. Basically, this shit is on Marvel. The artist is known for a certain style. You’re dropping a Spider-Woman comic – and that’s who you pick to do a variant. Really. I haven’t chimed in much because my new attitude is ‘don’t fucking buy it’. This may be a great book – but at least a portion of comic folks who many have grabbed it are going to pass on it. Marvel senior vice president of publishing Tom Brevoort commented on the controversy:

“I think that the people who are upset about that cover have a point, at least in how the image relates to them. By that same token, Milo Manara has been working as a cartoonist since 1969, and what he does hasn’t materially changed in all that time. So when we say ‘Manara cover,’ his body of work indicates what sort of thing he’s going to do.”

He went on to say that compared to his body of work, this cover by Manara was “one of the less sexualized ones”. You know – because she has clothes on.

“I think a conversation about how women are depicted in comics is relevant at this point, and definitely seems to be bubbling up from the zeitgeist. That too is fine. Nothing gets better unless ideas are communicated.”

How nice of him to say that a ‘conversation’ is relevant at this point!! Ladies, and gentleman, relax! We can all talk about it now. And then things will change! Up until now, we haven’t talked about it. THAT is the issue!! Phew. I think we solved this issue completely. Let’s all sit down with Brevoort, have lunch and talk about this….. although I’m pretty sure we will be expected to cook.

QUIZ TIME! What did we learn from this? We learned that ‘they’ do not give a flying fuck. This cover is getting this book all sorts of FREE publicity. People are talking. People are writing. People will buy it. I won’t. Not even with this cover.


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