From the Rookie Corner – A Rookie Goes to a Con

I’m home.

My feet hurt.

I am pretty sure I ate/drank a week’s worth of calories…….

I spent too much money. I had a GREAT time. This year’s Boston Comic Con was my second ever. It was, however, my first con attendance with one of THESE!


That’s right. All the time I spent posting news this year earned me my FIRST press pass!


I know. Crazy. Seems just yesterday I was reading my first comic……. Anyway, I was super lucky my kids have AMAZING aunties who took them for a few days. I missed friday – but Saturday morning I dropped everyone off and headed to Boston. I took along this fellow…


(miss the joke? Check The Rookie and the Geek(s).)

Once again, Boston Comic Con was busy!! By the time we got there the place was JAMMED – but I was ready! I had my list of folks I wanted to see and a pile of business cards ready to go. Aside from my list of ‘people to see’, I really wanted to connect with indie creators. There are so many amazing creators just trying to get their books read – or their art out there. I want to read those books and catch that art!

My first mission, of course, was to get the goat to Valiant (also because I am lazy and did not want to carry it around). They had a great booth set up! I am sure I looked like a crazy person showing up with a goat… but why should today be different from any other day? I explained the whole ‘there ain’t no goat story’ – and presented the sacred holy goat:

IMG_6828Very, very cool folks. If you haven’t read any Valiant books, you should. Now. I like Quantum and Woody. Look – there is a goat. What else do you need to know? I like it and it has a GOAT. Check it out.

Also on my list was Ben Templesmith. When I first starting reading comics (after I went through all things JK Woodward) Ben Templesmith’s  art caught my eye.  I started with 30 Days of Night and pretty much went through everything he did art for. Currently, I am checking out The Squidder….

I love watching these amazing artists create. Part of me wants to go home and paint…. part of me hates them. Well, maybe not ‘hate’. What is the words for mad jealousy? It is still so weird to me to meet these people – whose work I admire so much – to find they are just regular folks. In my head, they are a bit larger than life. I went back to next day to get an art fix – a little Doctor action! Not because I am a weird stalker – I just didn’t want to carry around art all day.

photoI also HAD to find Sara Richard. I first found her wandering last year’s BCC. She wasn’t wandering – I was. You cannot walk by her colorful art work and not stop. I absolutely fell in love with her style and bought this AMAZING print. I makes me happy just looking at it. I have been lucky enough to see more of her work over the past year and went to check out her booth. As always, she had amazing prints available. My daughter was pretty happy to get a ‘Frozen’ and a ‘Tangled’ print for her room! Just GORGEOUS art!!

This year was different from last year because I felt a little less lost. More of the names were familiar. More of the books were familiar. I ran around taking pictures of some of those folks when I could. The crowds made it really tough at times:

SONY DSCI am however, not huge into the whole cosplay thing. There were about a million Jokers, Harley Quinns and Spider-Mans. Some outfits were absolutely badass. Some I had no clue what the reference material was. Some were super half-ass. I really didn’t take cosplay pictures… HOWEVER, when you see Spiderman and Lady Deadpool having breakfast at Starbucks, I feel like that is a moment that should be documented…


Kill Shakespeare, by Anthony Del Col (seen here) and Conor McCreery, is a cool IDW book that recently used Kickstarter to raise funds for a board game! The card for the game feature art by J.K…. so, cool story, cool art – I was in and pledged. SO, I have to stop by and say ‘hi’. Yes, I am a person who likes Kickstarter.


Of course – I had to check out the Doctor Who stuffs….

Speaking of Doctor Who, a little while ago I did this painting photofor a Matt Herring of the Secret Identity Podcast for his The Unofficial Doctor Who Companion.  I ran into him at BCC and, of course, snapped a little pic! Being the BRILLIANT (old) person with a mind like a steel trap (said no one ever) – I completely forgot to go back and get my book. DAMMIT. Sometimes being lazy really sucks…don’t forget to check out his book! I will. As soon as I get one…

A rookie (without a book) and Matt Herring

I grabbed tickets and saw Brian Posehn! Posehn and co-writer Gerry Duggan are tackling Deadpool. Well, not literally… I cannot imagine THAT would end well…I ate

I also FINALLY met Christina Blanch – who signed a copy of The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood for me! The book, written with Chris Carr is available on the Thrillbent site or in your local shop. Blanch is also the teacher of the online classes Gender Through Comic Books and Social Issues Through Comic Books on the Canvas Network.

I managed to get in a few other photo ops…

It seems not everyone was having such a good time though..


Sadly, none of the other Taylor Network folks were in Boston. They all had lame excuses like ‘jobs’ and ‘families’ and being ‘too far away’… whatever. I was there. I had a good time. And, I got to spend some extra time with this guy….


Well, folks – Boston Comic Con next year is July 31- August 2, 2015. Boston is a fun town. BCC is a great time. Mark your calendars and make some plans. if you think you can trust a rookie…





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