Son of a ROOKIE!: Shinobi Ninja Princess

Shinobi Ninja Princess is an Action Lab book written by Martheus Wade who also does the art.
The story is about a 14 year-old ninja princess Shianndrea Toshigawa:
Jishin (Confidence): 14 year-old ninja princess Shianndrea Toshigawa and her strike team have a new mission: spy on their rivals, the Azumi Ninja Clan, and discover what secret dealings they have with the evil Emperor of Japan. But when the plan goes awry and fellow ninja Hamasuke is captured, can Shianndrea overcome her lack of confidence and save him before it’s too late? Available with a regular cover by Martheus Wade and a limited cover by Tressa Bowling.
I thought it was a great all ages book. It had an interesting story with lots of action. I liked that a girl got to be the ‘star’ of the book – as a NINJA even! The art really popped. This is definitely a book you should check out. Issues 1 and 2 are available NOW and #3 is available for pre-order. I give this book 4/5 skulls! I also got to interview Martheus Wade! Check it out:
1. When did you start writing comics?
I started writing comics when I fell in love with comic books and animation. I have always created my own stories for my favorite characters, but I really started writing for real when I created my own characters in elementary school.
2. What are your hobbies?
I love to do martial arts. I’ve always been into different types of martial arts since I was young. I’ve even been a martial arts instructor from time to time. I mostly practice Shotokan Karate and American Kickboxing.
3. What ‘job’ do you like best about comics? Writing? Drawing?
This one is hard to say. Writing allows me to get into my head and create the story. See it unfold. Drawing actually makes the story tangible for me. If I had to pick one, I’d say drawing just because I’m better at it and have been doing it for so long. But, writing would be a very close second.
4. What made you think of Shinobi Princess?
There is a void right now for things that children and teens can get into that’s adventurous and positive at the same time. I look around me, in my community and teaching art classes and a lot of kids are forced to “grow up” to quickly and it takes a lot of joy out of their lives. As a business, we need to have fun comics that all people can get into. That’s where I came up with doing Shinobi: Ninja Princess. I wanted to do something that my 5-year-old son could read and really enjoy.
5. Would you make in into a television show or video game if you had the chance to?
Yes and Yes! I’d love that. When I see this in my head, I see and animated movie on the lines of Naruto and The Legend of Korra. So, that would be awesome to have a TV show or a video game.
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