That Life with Martheus Wade: A Salty Disposition



Let’s get something out of the way.

My friend Julian Lytle, The Rick Flair of comic books, calls me Martheezus.

For folks that are not in the know, Yeezus refers to Kanye West and since Kanye is a very explosive personality, he combined my name and his to create…

You get the picture.

My brother from another mother, Shawn Pryor, calls me Lawry’s Season Salt. To which I call him, Nino Brown.

(Side note: This is not to be confused with my wife who goes by the name Salty Girl. She had that name first and, I guess by proxy, her salt level rubbed off on me)

I’m NOT a salty person.

I just have a salty disposition.

Now, when I say that, I don’t want people reading this and thinking, “I ain’t talking to this cat at a con.” I’m not that type of “salty”. I’d rather be laughing and joking than talking business most of the time. So, when I say salty, I really mean, I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop. For example, I dreaded doing our Indiegogo Campaign for the Turra: Gun Angel live action short, because I didn’t think fan response would be strong enough. (Marshal Pictures proved me wrong on that one.) When I put my first book out, I didn’t think anyone would read it. (That one might be true. I’m still not sure.) When Darrell Taylor asked me to write this article, I didn’t think people would be interested. (That one might be true as well. Hmmm.) At any rate, I have a salty disposition when it comes to my own work, and here is why.

Most artists will talk about how they have thousands of rejection letters in their drawers concerning their art. How they, “Have a tough skin”, and “To not take it personally.” All of this is true. You have to get those rejection letters in order to grow. As an artist, you need the obstacle to overcome. That’s life.

Don’t get it twisted.

Every rejection is felt.

As a guy who has been personally told to my face by a respected editor, “Your faces are all f-d up”, and by an artist who I considered a hero, “The only thing I like about your artwork is the trash can”, I think I’ve earned quite a few battle scars. I even worked for an ad agency where the creative director hated the fact that I didn’t use key commands so much, that he grabbed my hands and threw them off of the mouse. That’s no lie. So, when I say I have a salty disposition, it’s not towards the reader, the person that comes up to my booth at a con, or the child who I give a free print to. It’s towards the calluses I have earned.

So if you see me at a con and I look like this…


I really feel like this…


Just don’t do this…

Untitled4 If you want to get familiar with what I do, check out my new 6 issue mini series titled, Shinobi: Ninja Princess, published by Action Lab Entertainment. Issue number 1 hits stores August 20, so pick one up if you want me to stay salt free. You can check out my OGN’s site at Also take a look at my Deviant Art Gallery at and my tutorial site at

Until next time, keep the pencils moving.

Martheus Wade

Illustrator, Designer, Father, Husband


(Last Side Note: Julian, Shawn and myself are in this picture. Guess who’s the only one smiling?)


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