Monsters Are Such Interesting People – All Cheerleaders Die

Monsters Are Such Interesting PeopleAll Cheerleaders Die (2013) Lucky McKee (May) remakes his IMG]own straight-to-video debut from 2001, and I must admit, I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing the hard to find original. Maddy, an outsider, joins the cheerleading squad her senior year with a plan to make a miserable semester for the football captain, Terry. He’s dating the new head cheerleader, seemingly days after the previous one, also his girlfriend, died in an accident. Leena, a goth witch, feels spurned by her former bestie, and wasn’t let in on the plan. She follows Maddy and her new friends to a party in the woods, but a violent falling out with the football team and some reckless driving and ends with 4 cheerleaders drowning when their car crashes into a lake! Leena casts a spell that IMG]-2brings them back to life…with a thirst for blood and a voracious sexual appetite! This makes for an interesting next day at school. Bodies begin to pile up, but Terry is able to figure it out pretty quick, and soon he’s the one on the offensive. A few of the laughs in this horror/comedy hit the mark, and though not a must-see, it was pretty entertaining overall. Lots of girls in underwear, and a small amount of nudity, which appeared to be a body double.

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