From the Rookie Corner: Let's Talk about Wonder Woman. Again.

Yesterday we got our first REAL look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman for the coming film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. I have NOT been reading anything about what other people think (although we did talk briefly about it on The Rookie and the Geek last night). I can honestly say I have not checked to see where the hate-o-meter is at on this one. I just want to look at it for what it is. As I said before – whether the outfit is ‘good enough’ or if she ‘looks the part’ – this all becomes completely irrelevant if she cannot act or, even worse, the story fails. First – my disclaimer:

  • I am still a rookie
  • I have no idea what I am talking about
  • This is my OPINION – it’s how I PERSONALLY see things

There. Now that we have that out of the way – lets look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman revealed at SDCC:


So, initial impressions? She looks pretty bad ass. Yes, I know bruce-lee_141995_topshe is a bit thin – but Bruce Lee taught us that size really doesn’t matter. This fella looks a tad thin… but he would have fucked up your world in a fight. When I of her as a ‘warrior’, I don’t think bulk is necessary. Combat skills? Yes. Ability to think on your feet? Yes. Bulk isn’t always a good thing.

Then there is the Amazon thing. Wonder Woman is a warrior princess of the Amazons – based on the Amazons of Greek mythology – and is known in her homeland as Princess Diana of Themyscira. Without getting all blah, blah, blah about history, here are some images from the old school art featuring ‘amazons’. I will just let the pictures speak for themselves.



The Wonder Woman character has a long history. Wonder Woman #1 was published in the summer of 1942 and was the first full-length comic book featuring only Wonder Woman stories. Since then, she has gone through many changes. For young girls, she has been one of only a handful of characters they  had to look up to – and aspire to. Wonder Woman was such an iconic character that when Ms magazine’s first regular issue hit the newsstands in July 1972, guess who was on the cover… of course, it was Wonder Woman.

1970wwWhen it came time for to celebrate 40 years? Guess who And when it came time for to celebrate 40 years? Guess who And when it came time for to celebrate 40 years?  Of course, Wonder Woman. Gloria Steinem said of the character:

“Looking back now at these Wonder Woman stories from the forties, I am amazed by the strength of their feminist message. Wonder Woman symbolizes many of the values of the women’s culture that feminists are now trying to introduce into the mainstream.”

LawEven here in these two covers, you can see some difference between the way the character is depicted. Wonder Woman EVOLVES. Yes, there are some core aspects to the character, but in order to survive and remain relevant, you have to change with the times.

Wonder_WomanFor many of us, Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman on the television series that ran from 1975-1979 is the image we still carry in our itty, bitty brains. Take a good look at this image. Although I did indeed love the show as a kid, Carter is certainly not quite ‘buff’. Big complaint when Gadot was cast was that she was too thin and not muscular enough…. Ms Carter (who I adore, so this is not a dig on her by any means) is both thin – and not ‘muscular’.

Let’s LOOK at Wonder Woman through the years. Please note: I grabbed all these images randomly trying to pull from different time periods. I did not search out specific writers air artists, so if I missed your ‘fav’….. well, too bad.

There are some variations both in costume. Body type seems pretty similar aside from variations that can be attributed to the time the comic was published…. So, that’s the facts and logic portion of the show…. now, the opinion part.

Dear costume designer,

You were SO close. Really, you were. Taking a pointer from The man of Steel and having her wear her underwear under her clothes was a great idea. I know the starred lil shorts are part of the image, but we are grown now. Moving on. I like the darker colors. Feels a little more warrior…. a little more ‘300′ . those_were_the_days_by_red_sonja_sword-d4i9wr1Unfortunately, it does look  little Xena – who might get mad about that… however, the Xena costume does bring up a point. You know what Xena has that WW seems to be missing? Do you see it? Look again. Let me give you a hint………… Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 5.04.30 PM…………………..  Look carefully. She seems to be missing STRAPS. DAMMIT. So, she is going to be a kick ass warrior hoping to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. I get that we are she does have a certain history when it comes to her wardrobe, but this was one small detail I was sort of hoping for a bit of old-fashioned logic. No such luck. I know this seems like a silly point – but if you are going to open a can of whoop ass, a strapless ensemble is pretty high up on the shit-not-to-wear list. Also on that list are heels. Sorry. Yes, they look fab. Yes women have been walking, dancing and fighting in them for years – but this little detail always bugged me. Seriously, a move like this

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 5.14.23 PM


is likely to snap the heel off pretty heeled boots. Hard to be bad ass hobbling around with a broken heel…. there were other options…

SOME people seem to be picking up on the practical shoe thing.. Pretty shoes are fun, but when you are off trying to batgirl_promo_poster2-200x140Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 5.06.59 PMsave the world, a girl needs a good old fashioned pair of shit-kickers. No, they don’t have to be ugly. The could have used the same basic WW shoe design – because they DO look bad ass – and just dropped the heel a bit. two small adjustments and this would have been awesome. Maybe the designers should have to try and fight in a costume before it gets approved…. Just a thought. From a rookie…


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