Monsters Are Such Interesting People – Low Budget 80’s Massacre!

Monsters are such interesting people


Woodchipper Massacre (1988) I usually turn a movie off immediately upon realizing it was shot on video, but what the hell. Jon McBride directed and stared in a few no-budget horror films, this was the first. Three teenagers who live in a remote area accidentally kill their babysitting aunt, and rather than call the cops, they decide to dispose of the body. Time becomes a factor when their criminal cousin comes looking for his mom, and dad calls to say he’ll be home early. Not as much blood as IMG]-2you expect from a film of this title. Intentional comedy all the way, but the laughs come from the bad script and wardrobe. All the actors, most of whom have only one film credit, use their real names as their character names, and if the names in the credits are correct, it looks like the director’s mom plays the part of the aunt.


The Nail Gun Massacre (1985) Indie from Texas about a killer with a nail gun, killing everyone who was involved in a gang rape, and some people who weren’t involved either. The killer is IMG]-4in a motorcycle helmet and delivers pre-death one-liners through a mechanical device, disguising their voice. Bad dialog, worse-than-high-school caliber acting, and cheap rubber effects. Lots of nudity though, and one or two of them looked pretty decent. Problem with the disc I had was some horrible crackling sound, making this hard to watch flick even harder.

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