From the Rookie Corner – #firerickremender ?

3874710-captain_america_22_coverThis is truly coming from the rookie corner. I have not read Captain America in the past. At all. I am the loser who will say ‘but I saw the movie!’ – not the same, I know. Checking the inter webs, I can across more than a few #firerickremender posts and articles. I read a few – both positive and negative. I wondered if all those people were reading the same book… so, I went to the true source of the controversy. Captain America #22. And I read it. If you haven’t read it, you probably should. Now, I am hearing grumblings that folks are not liking Rick Remender’s run of Captain America. I am not taking issue with that. I am taking issue with folks throwing around the ‘r’ word. Stop doing that shit. In issue #22, Jet Black and Sam Wilson, the Falcon, spend the night together. Naked. Or, mostly naked. Some folks are claiming that the ‘math’ does not add up and Jet is only 14/15 making the encounter with Sam statutory rape. Now, keep in mind, I am mostly looking at one issue. Taking THAT perspective, there is this:


photo.PNGsooooo…. she mentions a specific birthday making her is at least 23….so, there’s that. But she’s NOT.. she can’t be… but if she is,

“It’s still hard to ignore the fact that she’s still mentally immature and has suffered some pretty massive emotional trauma of late — not exactly a stellar example of unhindered ability to consent.”

I don’t even know what to do with that. The are both adults. statutoryThey had some wine. Perhaps a lil too much – judging by Sam’s headache the next morning. And they had sex. So, which part is the controversy? This subject pisses me off on two levels. First – when you take an issue like this and start throwing around words like ‘rape’ – I think you are taking away from a very serious and real issue that ALREADY often involves scrutiny of events and victims. A 23-year-old woman is not a victim of statutory rape. Maybe the continuity of the story wasn’t well written – but maybe that was WHY he threw in the 23rd birthday comment? Again, I am not looking at the run – I am looking at a SINGLE issue. In a world of alternate universes, dead people who come back to life, aliens and super heroes – using ‘math’ or logical to refute Jet’s age seems a bit silly.

The other issue is the Million Mom mentality. There are a LOT of things I do not like. I probably dislike more things than I enjoy. There are plenty of things in media that flat-out piss me off. That said, this mentality of ‘if ‘x’ upsets or offends me personally, it should not be seen/heard/read by anyone else’ is pretty fucked up. This is becoming an issue in all aspects of life in this country lately. There will ALWAYS be someone who is offended by something. We have ratings systems on media to help us make educated choices for our children – and ourselves. This #firerickremender campaign is such bullshit. Little newsflash. Marvel can do whatever the fuck they want to do. Rick Remender answers to Marvel – not you. If you think Remender’s run of Captain America sucks, here is an idea – DON’T BUY IT. Reread some older books. Wait for another writer to do a run. Pick up a new book. Learn to knit. Hey – go the fuck outside! Stop talking about shit that sucks and start talking about books you love.

SO, from the rookie corner – read any good books lately?

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