Monsters Are Such Interesting People – 80's Slashers!



IMG]Don’t Go in the Woods…Alone! (1981) Cheap slasher with a high body count. The main characters are four campers trying to escape the psycho killer that lives in the national park, but a new set of park patrons are introduced every few minutes just to IMG]-2pad the kill count. A painter, a jogger, a birdwatcher, etc, they march ‘em in and cut ‘em down! Eventually, two survivors escape to the ranger’s station, but return to the scene of the crime for an ill-advised rescue attempt of their friends. An awful, loud and noisy soundtrack lends to the charm of this laughably bad romp, which seems to have tried so hard. Filmed in Park City, Utah.


The Forest (1982) Two married L.A. couples go on a camping trip over the weekend. In a boys vs. girls argument, they decide to go up separately, which ends up being a mistake. The girls get lost and meet a pair of ghost children keep popping up and IMG]-4hiding from their ghost-mom. The boys run into the dad, who is all too real. He lives in the forest and cannibalizes any unfortunates that he comes across. There’s a pretty good flashback scene that shows the killing spree that put dad in the position he’s in. Director Don Jones is good at naming films, his previous three were The Sweater Girls, The Love Butcher and Schoolgirls in Chains.

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