From the Rookie Corner – Fan…. Ladies?

I have to talk about a little something. Let me start with this is my OPINION. You don’t have to like it. You don’t have to agree. I am going to talk about the fangirl-thing. Technically, the actual definition is

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 9.19.41 AM

Confused? I guess this sums it up?


So, that’s definitely not me.If I am screaming, there is a good chance there is someone chasing me with a chainsaw. So, I guess that makes me too old…. thank goodness. I am WAY past the age of posters on my walls and screen savers of strangers. I am not waiting outside hoping to catch a glimpse of anyone. My time is precious – and I am choosy as to how I am going to waste it. When it comes to actual people, I am less concerned (actually not interested)  in a person’s appearance and only care whether or not they are an asshole. So, let’s talk about the ‘fangirl’ thing…. I am thinking I am less of a fangirl – but more of a fan….woman?lady? Something… It’s a different thing. When I am a ‘fan’ of someone, I am not a fan of their face. Or their figure. I am a fan of the TALENT. Don’t get it? In my head, I attach the character to the actor. This isn’t Benedict Cumberpatch….


That’s Sherlock! Or…. Khaaaaaaann!!!!

If I ever saw Benedict Cumberpatch walking down the road, I am not going to jump and yelp or chase him down. UNLESS he was going to read me a story. I think I would be happy about that.But, I would still not be doing any jumping, yelping or chasing. Ever. But sadly, he’s not. Well, he did once. No really, he DID! Sort of. And he can read to you too:

I could give you 100 more examples, but why bother. Speaking of ‘why’, why am I even talking about this? I found this the other day and it’s probably the closest thing that explains how I think. I was going to use it as a ‘morning funny’ – but I thought it deserved more attention. So ‘famous boys’ – the fan girls will love and follow you while you are all young and vibrant. The fan….ladies…. (I need a better word… Someone get on that) will keep going to your movies even when you are old and fat – as long as you continue to be brilliant. Oh, and don’t be an asshole…. we hate that shit and will drop your ass like a rock.

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 9.25.36 PM

That is all. From the rookie corner….






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