From The Rookie Corner – NYC's Costumed Characters

So, this is news. The president of the Times Square Alliance is calling for regulations on costumed characters. Sounds silly right?  Check this:


Yup – that’s Elmo getting arrested. I am sure THAT memory will be revisited in a therapy session someday… There is more:

  • two Statues of Liberty arrested
  • Spider-Man convicted of harassing a tourist
  • Woody from “Toy Story” accused of forcibly groping women in Times Square
  • Cookie Monster charged with endangering the welfare of a child

That is just a few. What is this weirdness? Costumed people roam tourist-heavy zones dressed as popular TV and comic book characters  asking for cash for a photo. I don’t get it. Maybe I am just old and curmudgeonly – but there is a 0% chance I am paying for a photo with someone in a costume. I am not impressed. My kid dresses as Spider-Man every day  (file that under sad, but true). Want to impress me? Climb a fucking wall – then I will give you a dollar. I haven’t BEEN to NYC in ages – so I am doing this commentary from my couch. A quick look on the internets and I saw very few killer cosplayers – a whole other art form if done properly. Who wants to pay for a pic with these two:



Apparently, people do. Hard to resist. Pretty high quality costumes…


For those of you unfamiliar, that’s Shrek ..

ShrekcharacterAh… didn’t quite nail it…  I am sure  there are some decent costumes out there. Some in depth research (Google) did not bring up too many high quality images. Most looked like something you would see waving to you from the front of a store. The group shot was a little odd:


If it was a little darker, that would look like some sort of freakish red light district fetishness… just saying. The whole thing looks creepy to me. Sure – some folks are just trying to make a buck – but it’s not a huge stretch that a few freaks are going to think tossing on a costume and being anonymous sounds pretty cool. And – they want to take a picture with you. Or hold your kid.

Even Tina Fey fell victim


Pretty scary fellas. How to deal with this issue? Legislation was introduced last year that would ban or institute strict regulations on the city’s costumed characters. We shall see where that goes. Until then, take note – freaks are everywhere… and you never know what lurks under a mask….

You have been warned.

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