Monsters Are Such Interesting People – From Beyond


IMG]From Beyond (1986) After the big success of the previous years’ ReAnimator, producer Brian Yuzna and director Stuart Gordon return with another HP Lovecraft adaptation, and they bring actors Jeffery Combs and Barbara Crampton with them. Combs plays Crawford Tillinghast, a scientist who is institutionalized for the murder of his employer, Dr. Pretorius IMG]-2(a nod to the Bride of Frankenstein) when their invention, the Resonator, causes the doctor to lose his head…literally. The Resonator, when powered on, combines our world with an unseen dimension, full of teethy sea creatures that swim through the air and attack at any sense of movement. Barbara Crampton is the pretty doctor who decides that they, along with police detective Foree, should re-create the experiment. IMG]-3They do and all hell breaks loose. Pretorius is not dead, but alive and well and ready to perform sleazy sex experiments from another dimension when the Resonator is plugged in. Even an axe to the power source can’t stop Pretorius from starting the machine again…from beyond! One of my favorite films as a teen, due to the gore content. Not quite as great as I remembered, but still a load of fun, and just like in ReAnimator, some great nudity from Crampton.

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