Monsters Are Such Interesting People – The Candy Snatchers


IMG]The Candy Snatchers (1973) Three amateur crooks kidnap schoolgirl Candy, and ask a ransom from her father, a jewelry store manager. They didn’t do their homework though, because the father IMG]is actually a step-father, and he doesn’t give a god damn whether Candy breathes another breath or not, and her perpetually drunk mother has little idea of anything going on around her. Poor Candy gets buried in a ditch on a remote hill with only a small pipe sticking out for air. A mute special needs boy is a witness to the burial, but he is unable to relate the message to his abusive parents. Meanwhile, the crooks need to come up with a change in plans, and argue among each other whether Candy has seen too much and if they should dispose ofIMG]-2 her for good. Sleaze from start to finish, loaded with nudity, violence and rape, and a controversial ending that could be described as anything but happy. Candy is played by the cute Susan Sennett, who starred in a short-lived Ozzie & Harriet spinoff in which the Nelsons took in college students as borders, and later married rock star Graham Nash! The only feature film from director Guerdon Trueblood, though he has writing credits for several made-for-TV killer insect movies, as well Jaws 3D!


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