Romeo Must Die – Edge of Summer

Hello again. Today I bring back my article Romeo Must Die. Last summer I wrote about not having time to read comics. As you may know I co host the No Apologies Podcast where we talk comics. For the most part I add movie news or reviews with Juan Castro. I also make asshole jokes, but come on – that’s what people want from me. But this time I’ll tell you what I’ve been enjoying besides comics .

So first up, Marvel films from Sony, Fox, & of course Marvel Studios.
I’m a Spider-Man fan I absolutely loved Amazing Spider-Man 2. It had what I wanted from a Spider-Man film. No matter how down I get the character Spider-Man is there to pick me up.
Captain America The Winter Soldier . Come on – we are all going ‘hail hydra’ for a reason . A great film with great performance by the cast. Job well done Marvel.
X-men Days of Future Past . It is truly rare for a comic film to surpass the comic. I feel Bryan Singer accomplish this with Days.
Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence ,Micheal Fasbender and James Mcavoy along with Patrick Stewart brought Days to life. A fantastic film that skyrocket to the top of my comic films list.
Edge of Tomorrow. Tom Cruise & Emily Blunt gave us an original Sci Fi epic film that didn’t disappoint .

Viva la French Open! Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharipova both won

Rafael Nadal & Maria Sharipova both won
French Open Finals at Roland Garros this year. For Nadal he passes Pete Sampras with Grand Slam major win 14. For Sharipova her win means more major endorsement and major win number 5. Both are very attractive winners and great for the sport of tennis.

Heat Spurs the rematch

Last year we was blessed with an amazing seven game NBA finals between the Heat and Spurs. Ray Allen shot in game 6 was classic. This year the Spurs want revenge but the heat want to 3 peat. From game one and Lebrons cramps to last nights game two and Lebron’s masterful play I’m certain this series won’t disappoint .
Summer is around the corner. Just like last year I’ve got a ton of things to keep me occupied.
I’m glad on No Apologies my co hosts still love to read comics but also let me do my thing. Honestly when the weather gets nice reading comics isn’t a priority, but they will always be in my life. I’ve been reading Spider-Man since I was 5 years old. Peter Parker will always be in my life. But right now,  I’m just on the edge of summer man.
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