Monsters Are Such Interesting People – Double Feature





billythekidvsdraculaonesheetBilly the Kid vs Dracula (1966) It had been 20 years since John Carradine played Dracula for Universal, but now at age 60, he’s back and in the Wild West! He poses as the east coast uncle of a young female ranch owner after finding that the coach the uncle was arriving on was ambushed by Injuns. The ranch foreman is Billy the Kid, who has gone straight, and for some reason is not wanted by the law anymore. Billy is also the love interest of ranch owner Betty, who is the blood interest of Uncle Dracula. Lots of rubber bats on strings in this one. Originally on a double bill with Jesse James meets Frankenstein’s Daughter, that would have been a night at the Drive-In to remember.

Jesse-James-Meets-Frankensteins-Daughter-poster-3-350x500Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter (1966) Jesse James, thought dead but is not, and his dimwitted, muscle-bound acquaintance are double-crossed by the Wild Bunch, which leaves the muscle man shot, and Jesse on the run. Juanita takes them to Castle Frankenstein, even though she suspects that her own brother, as well as other locals were killed there. They were. Doctors Maria Frankenstein and her brother Rudolf have been unsuccessfully attempting brain transplants, and a big muscular man that can stand the stress of the operation is just what they’ve been looking for. The actress who played Juanita, and had been in films with stars such as John Wayne in the past, was murdered shortly after this film, making it her last credit. This is bad movie gold.

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