Monsters Are Such Interesting People – Godzilla 2014



Godzilla (2014) My earliest memory of having a favorite thing has got to be Godzilla. Nothing will ever touch my personal nostalgia factor of the stretch of film in the 60s, but I’m not opposed to a new take. The late 80s-90s version of the franchise was very good, and I even enjoyed the 1998 remake when I saw it in the theater. Of course it didn’t hold up under repeat viewings. So Hollywood is back again, and they hire Gareth Edwards of the critically acclaimed indie flick Monsters. A film that had very few monsters, and that I gave a poor review when I saw it. Well, Godzilla makes us IMG]-2wait quite a while for the monsters too, but in the end, despite much of the action occurring off-camera, I’d call this one a winner, with just enough monster action. Bryan Cranston’s army son comes and rescues him from a Japanese jail and ends up getting dragged on a wild goose chase to a contaminated zone, in which their friends and family died in a nuclear “incident” 15 years earlier. What they find is the government has been hiding a M.U.T.O. I forgot what it stands for, but it’s a giant insect-type creature with human-ish legs, four of them, who breaks from its cocoon of many years and destroys the secret army base. It flies too, and is heading for Nevada, where a female M.U.T.O. decides to meet him halfway to fertilize. The government was also aware of Godzilla, who now chases the creature for a quick meet-up in Hawaii, then an ultimate showdown in San Francisco. Some of the plot had me IMG]laughing a bit, like the lead character’s travel itinerary kept coincidentally coinciding with giant monster attacks, but by the time Godzilla shot his first fire-breath late in the film, I had some chills run down my spine. Definitely worth a theater view, and again when it comes to video.

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