Monsters Are Such Interesting People – Runaway


IMG]-4Runaway (1984) In the near future, robots perform jobs ranging from housekeeper to farmer, and occasionally go haywire. There’s a special department of police that comes in during such occurrences. You’d think the manufacturers would be on the hook for this, but no, it’s the taxpayers. Tom Selleck is the top cop when it comes to disarming crazy computers, and it is made very clear from the start that he suffers from vertigo. Gee, I wonder if that will come in to play later. Tom has a robot maid/babysitter at home who reminded me of the Jetson’s Rosie, and a young son who thinks Tom’s new pretty young partner would make a good replacement for his dead mommy. KISS’s Gene Simmons IMG]-3plays the villain, who is programming the robots to commit murder while collecting stolen computer chip prototypes in some sort of evil millionaire-type scheme, and Kirstie Alley IMG]is his innocent (or is she?) assistant who gets caught up in the middle. Gene also has an army of robot-spiders at his command! There’s even some surprise brief PG-13 nudity, back in the era when that was allowed, in this Jurassic barrel of laughs from writer/director Michael Crichton.

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