Monster Are Such Interesting People – Two Current Releases 2014


IMG]Oculus (2014) A 21 year old man is released from the asylum that he had spent the last 11 years. His sister (Karen Gillan from Dr. Who fame) immediately calls on him to keep the promise he made so many years ago to destroy the centuries old mirror that caused IMG]-2him to kill his father, after witnessing his father kill his mother. After years of therapy, he’s convinced that no supernatural acts had ever occurred but his sister, armed with evidence, cameras and dozens of fail-safe mechanisms is out to prove otherwise. We see the story go back and forth between the present and the original events, and the further we get, the surer we are that there is an unexplainable force to deal with. Pretty decent ghost story with a lot of red-haired people, and Gillan is pretty easy to look at.

The Quiet Ones (2014) England’s Hammer Studios is back with a slow paced ghost story about a professor and a few assistants documenting the supernatural occurrences surrounding a teenage girl at Oxford in 1974. I will say the movie really picked up the pace the last 20 minutes or so with a good deal of action, but it was a long ride to get there. The lecherous professor had his story revealed at the end, as did the girl, who was played by Bates Motel’s Olivia Cook, but the three IMG]-4assistants were all dullards. A tart for no particular reason, a guy who listened to Slade’s “Cum on Feel the Noize” over and over (T Rex’s “Telegram Sam” managed to sneak in as well) and a shy cameraman who had nothing to say, though he felt protective over the girl. I could have stood to knock some time off the 98 minute runtime, I’d have to say this movie was not bad, but not much better than that either.

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