Stuck In My Head – There Goes My Hero

“Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth.”

Cue news flash sound. (You know that old school beep-da-beep-beep-beep)

Dateline, whenever.

“Today Russia’s head of Facebook was replaced by a Putin sympathizer. “

This I write as I sit in my little two bedroom apartment without a thought of powers and police at my door. I live well. Compared to most in the world, I live like a king. In my little world I take the selfie that is my words and can post them for anyone to see without thought or reservation. In all my spewing of drunken haze and selfish demands of acknowledgement, I fear nothing. I can say what I want, when I want. So what if my great-aunt does not like it? What is the worst that can happen? Maybe she does not hug me the way she once did at some family dinner I did not want to be at in the first place.

No one knocks.

For now.


I know that google protests its search results being given to men with power.

Yet, even in all that we deal with now in these new times, we are free. No one is auditing me. No one scares me.

But there are people who know fear. There are people who live and want to live as we do and just want to survive. These people live in fear that their words will lead them to prison. Words can lead them to a loss of all that they love. They can never see the ones they love. They can never see their children again. They can never see the sun. All because of words.

Words on a place that we take for granted.

God help us if we lose our internet. We assume that it will be there. It is like air or water from a tap. We assume this great freedom. Like mad children with a twitter, we post our selfies and status updates without thought of how beautiful and empowering it can be to not think of it. Such a freedom becomes like the sun. We expect it to be there. And that it will be there as we rise. Maybe we write a blog. Or maybe we grab our phone and check our Facebook and like children we want to know it all now.

We are selfies.


Words are power. I know you have heard this before. But don’t you see? It’s in your head. Words are power. You know this. And with that we are comfortable. We assume our freedom. Meanwhile some lonely teen in Russia who hopes for a better day has his words presented to him like evidence in a trial.

The truth is that if fear were to rob us of what we hold dear, it would be because of us. We may become lazy and ignorant.


For the poor people in Russia they are fighting for something real. They are subject to a regime that can compare to Hydra. Yeah, see what I did there?


I thought of Hydra as I read this news. I spent last Sunday at the movies with my girlfriend in a place that charges too much for popcorn. We sat and watched Winter Soldier and I saw Captain America really be Captain America.

He saw freedom be threatened and he acted. That is the beauty of the movie. There was so much more at stake than a film franchise. In the two hours that we were give, Captain America made a point about freedom.

That we can never assume it will be there. And in our comfort we can lose it. The easy way is the wrong way.

We can fall asleep and before we know it Hydra and all its evil can play on our fears and take all that we hold dear. Well done Marvel.

It makes a great film when you can say something real.

The fear that I have is that the point will be missed. Those ears will fall deaf.

And then I will spend a night afraid to write. And movies will be bad. And we will be dead. I fear the day I ever fear what my words will cost me. That is a world far too real for many.


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