Sister Throat Punch – Bad is the New Black

Everyone loves the hero but heroes seem to grow on trees these days in Hollywood. Now mind you, I love that I finally get to see some of my comic book favorites on the big screen but for this chic, give me an interesting villain or what’s the freaking point? Villains set the tone of the movie, create the suspense and drive the movie forward otherwise you’d just have some buff and attractive person out there helping people across the street or getting kittens out of trees and what not which is fine I suppose for kids movies. I grew up watching some pretty gnarly villains really wreak havoc with protagonists, spies, super heroes and stupid movie teenagers who insisted on having pre-martial sex on screen and in print and I appreciated them for what they were even then.

Villains are traditionally damaged, flawed and display destructive tendencies. Perhaps they’ve been maimed so that you can tell from their appearance that they’re bad news. As in real life, however, there is always the villain that hides in plain sight. Those that walk among us and you would never suspect capable of such darkness. They may have a specific reason to want revenge or perhaps were traumatized at an early age so that they never had much of a chance to be anything other than a violent and constant threat to the characters we’re supposed to relate to.


But isn’t there also the chance that they just embody evil and would’ve been drawn to chaos regardless of the situation. In some cases, well-defined back stories allow for truly well-defined multidimensional characters and make them even more enigmatic. Think Milton and his vision of Satan as the first instance of free will, encouraging mankind to know more, to question authority and to eventually defy the social laws that were set for us for no other reason but because they can.


I often root for the bad guys. I mean why not? Its fiction so there’s no real jeopardy and even though I know that the outcome is rarely the villain winning it does make for an interesting perspective. Hasn’t the opposition earned its moment in the sun already? Even Superman kills now so the lines between good and bad are more blurred than ever. We don’t just have to choose the winning side. We can choose to side with those who are risk takers with more than questionable moral judgement and less than sound reasoning because this is ‘Merica and we put the “ad” in bad.


Have a little sympathy for the Devil why don’t you. Live Dangerously, Hail Hydra and say “goodnight” to the   bad guy/girl!





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