Monsters Are Such Interesting People – The Blind Dead Saga: Part 2

Monsters Are Such Interesting People IMG]The Ghost Galleon aka Horror of the Zombies (1974) The third and probably the weakest of Amando de Ossorio’s four Blind Dead films, though not without its entertainment value. A publicity stunt goes wrong when two beautiful models who were supposed to be rescued at sea end up boarding a ghost ship, whose crew is made up of the flesh-eating Templar Nights. The IMG]-2modeling agency and a few others go on a rescue mission and find themselves in the same mess. The ship only exists in another dimension, and there seems to be no way out. Not particularly gory except for one scene, where a model gets pulled apart, and her head rolls across the floor. Not much nudity to speak of either, but there is a scantily clad woman in nearly every scene. A scene near the end with a toy boat straight out of a Godzilla film is sure to get a laugh.

 IMG]-3 Night of the Seagulls (1976) The 4th and final entry in the Spanish series of Tombs of the Blind Dead films. A doctor and wife set up shop in a small village where they find themselves unwanted, except by a few village misfits. It would seem their arrival is coinciding with a once every 7 years happening where the zombie Knights of Templar demand a sacrifice of a hot young chick for seven nights in a row. Well, the heroes better stop this soon, because there are only two hot chicks left in town. Some nudity, some blood and a torn out heart. Better than the 3rd Blind Dead.

Also included in Blue Underground’s box set is a 25 minute documentary on writer/director Amando de Ossorio called The Last Templar, which covers his entire career, which in addition to the four Blind Dead films includes Night of the Sorcerer and a favorite of mine, The Loreley’s Grasp.   See my earlier post for the first two films in the series: Tombs of the Blind Dead and Return of the Evil Dead

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