Monsters Are Such Interesting People – Angel

Monsters are such interesting people

IMG]Angel (1984) All-time great exploitation classic. Molly is a 15 year old grade A student with no parents, who pays for school and home with money she makes as street walking prostitute on Hollywood Blvd. A cop who cares is trying to get her off the streets before the psycho killer/necrophiliac who has been killing her friends gets to her. A great scene in the film shows the obviously unbalanced killer sucking out the contents of a raw egg from a tiny hole he made with a knife, and another when classmates get wind of the rumor about her night job and the harmless looking nerd asks her out yet again, and when she says that she has already explained to him that her mother does not let her date, he replies “No, I’ve been saving money. $23, is that enough?” Dick Shawn steals the show as sharp tongued giant transvestite who is constantly trading insults with the always great Susan Tyrell, who plays a lesbian motel owner. Rory Calhoun plays a semi-senile rootin’ tootin’ gunslinger, who walks Hollywood Blvd every night among a cast of colorful characters. Lots of brutal violence, and plenty of nudity from the high school locker room cheerleaders to the seedy motel hookers. Donna Wilkes is adorable as the title jailbait character, and a different actress plays Molly/Angel in each of the two sequels. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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