Monsters Are Such Interesting People – Cabin Fever 3: Patient Zero


IMG]Cabin Fever 3: Patient Zero (2014) Three guys and a girl in the Caribbean for a wedding take a boat out to an uncharted island for a bachelor party. So their luck would have it that the island theyIMG]-2 chose is where an experimental lab is running tests on a quarantined Sean Astin, who is a carrier of the flesh eating virus, and the only person who seems to be immune. They run tests on him in search of a cure, but as the unwilling subject that he is, he devises an escape plan and pretty soon the infection takes hold of most of the lab workers and soon the island visitors, and everyone is projectile vomiting blood while chunks of flesh fall off. Patty IMG]-3Hearst’s model daughter Lydia plays a lab tech with an unprofessionally low cut blouse that was begging to get doused with a healthy dose of blood-vomit. It did. Later on in the film she gets involved in a skinless catfight with another busty woman. The film had several opportunities for nudity, but all we get is about one second, but they make up for it with gore. I like all the Cabin Fever movies, and this one had a pretty clever ending. Part 4 has already been filmed, I understand. Bring it on.

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