From the Rookie Corner – The Walking Dead Put Me in Therapy

So. I am going to go out on a limb with this one and say it’s probably NOT just me. If you have not watched last night’s episode of The Walking Dead – STOP. Do NOT read any more. Seriously. Stop. Now.


As for the rest of you. Grab your blankie, call in sick, close the blinds and just sit. How are you doing after last night’s show? Still in shock? Me too. I’m not sure why… As my sister pointed out – The Grove’s storyline did pull from the comic. If you are reading The Walking Dead comic book, think back to  Ben. There are obvious parallels between his character and and Lizzie on the show. Ben tortured and killed a cat — and Lizzie had killed the rabbits. In the comic, Ben stabs his brother Billy and believes he will come back to life after he dies. Sound familiar?


As you can see (in case you forgot) Lizzie’s line from last night is indeed from the comic. WHICH I READ. Carl even took Ben out to protect the group – so that I knew somewhere in the deep recesses of my little mind what was coming. Granted, the television series does not follow the book 100%…so, I was wondering where the story was going to take the Lizzie situation. Lizzie had officially crossed the line into insanity. No arguing there. Literally. When Carol takes her outside and starts crying, Lizzie thinks she is mad at her because Lizzie pointed a gun at her. Not because she GUTTED her sister,DeadMika

but because she pulled a gun…. This heartbreaking moment really show how disturbed Lizzie is – right to her core. Logically thinking, most adults – never mind children – would be seriously psychologically damaged if the scenarios in the book/series were real. And people’s survival instinct may push them to do things they could NEVER imagine doing. I could not imagine doing it… But who knows.

I think my brain was in denial last night. After all that has happened on the show I did not see this coming. Maybe it was because it involved children…. but in this moment,

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 10.32.01 AM

I think my heart stopped. The collective gasp uttered by viewers must have been epic. But, then I was thinking – she loves those kids. She wouldn’t do it…

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 10.32.21 AM

OK. Maybe she would. But look at her face. The pain. She wouldn’t Couldn’t. Except she DID kill those other people..… and then, she did it. Holy shit. How was I supposed to try and sleep?!?! I did not even walk the Talking Dead – which I admit, sometimes I do. I just grabbed my blankie and crawled into bed. I am still here. I think I am just going to stay here all day. This feels worse than the ‘Red Wedding’ Game of Thrones episode. . . . .

Of course, people will be debating whether Carol did the right thing or not. Carol has already shown that she is 100% in survival mode. She is a far better leader than Rick could ever be. She has a balance of wanting to save people with the ability to make a hard decision. Last night’s show was really tough emotionally (yes, I am capable of emotions) – but wasn’t it also ‘realistic’? In that situation, what options would you HAVE? Lizzie was a danger to everyone around her. What do you do? Abandon her? Sleep in shifts? Or, pull a Carol? Just think about it.

Oh – and to the did-the-show-go-too-far-killing-two-kids crew – newsflash, it’s a fucking TV show. No children were actually killed in the production of the show….

This rookie is going to just sit here today…. I don’t even had any snark….

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