Monsters Are Such Interesting People – Blood Moon aka Wolf Girl



Blood Moon aka Wolf Girl (2001) Hidden Gem Alert!  Amazing IMG]-2Fantasy/Horror film about a teenage girl with hypertrichosis (her entire body is covered in hair) who plays the “wolf girl” in a traveling sideshow. Having no friends her own age and facing unusually cruel taunts from the crowd, she dangerously decides to undergo an experimental treatment that has taken hair off laboratory rats. When the experiment starts to work, she begins to experience some personality changes. The more hair she loses, the more she acts less human and more like a wolf! She also hallucinates violent images of getting revenge on the mean teens that taunt her, and the desire to act on them. Tim Curry is the kind carnival owner and IMG]-3Grace Jones plays a half man-half woman. The sideshow acts were quite entertaining as well, midget strippers, hermaphrodites, contortionists, etc. If this were a real sideshow, I’d be first in line. There was some blood and nudity as well, but not an overdose of either. The film had a few problems, such as it didn’t know what time period it wanted to be in. (music, wardrobe, science, etc. conflicted, but perhaps that was intentional) But not enough to take anything away from this tremendously  entertaining film. I would certainly watch it again, and I recommend it.  9 Full Moons out of 10!

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