Monsters Are Such Interesting People – Erotic Frankenstein Adventures!

Monsters are such interesting people IMG]Dr. Frankenstein on Campus (1970) Low budget Canadian production about a modern day Viktor Frankenstein, expelled from European Universities and now enrolled in America, putting up with taunts from schoolmates about his infamous name. He experiments with mind control bay making his cat kill his dog in front of his always naked girlfriend. When framed and expelled for casual drug use (he was innocent!) he now uses his mind control tactics to make his schoolmates kill each other. It had a pretty interesting ending. That, along with the large amount of nudity made this oddity worth while. Not something I’d watch again, but glad I saw it. 

IMG]-2Frankenstein 80 (1972) Modern Frankenstein tale about a doctor who creates a hideous man in his lab with help of some stolen serum that helps transplant patients not reject their organs. This monster is horny, and he goes on a murder/rape spree that includes strippers and hookers, and your average lady walking down the street as well. One scene I found particularly amusing, the prostitute had no problem having sex with the monster despite his stitched up IMG]-3face, but when he took off his shirt revealing his stitched up torso, she went bananas. Loads of nudity and over-the-top 70s gore in this Italian sleaze-fest. I completely expected this to be borderline unwatchable, but they just pushed the sleaze to the limit, it was not to be denied. If you like sleazy euro-trash, well, that’s exactly what this is.

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