Monsters Are Such Interesting People – Blue Sunshine



Blue Sunshine (1978) Hidden Gem Alert! An assortment of seemingly unrelated thrity-somethings IMG]-2start to lose their hair and go on homicidal rages. The protagonist is falsely accused after his buddy shoves three women in a fireplace. He’s on the lamb after killing his friend in self defense, and must figure out the mystery and absolve himself of the crimes. Highlight of the film (among many) is a former football player and hulk of a man going berserk on a discotheque dancefloor, throwing shittily-dressed bodies all over the place under a strobe and to a beat! Another is an IMG]attractive babysitter suddenly shedding a wig and chasing the kids around the apartment with a kitchen knife! The connection is they all tripped on the same LSD at Stanford ten years ago! Lead actor Zalman King went on to be a king director-producer of Skinamax flix, and director Jeff Leiberman has a few other fun horror flicks in his resume, including Squirm and Just Before Dawn. Recommended.


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