Monsters are Such Interesting People – Romantic Horrors

MONSTERSLooking for something that can turn your stomach and warm your heart on this Valentine’s Day, but have already played My Bloody Valentine to death?  Give these a shot:IMG]

Return of the Living Dead 3 (1993) Teenage lovers sneak into a IMG]-3military base with daddy’s security access card, and witness corpses being brought back to life for use as military weapons. They leave before they see that the experiment has gone tragically wrong. When the kid finds out that dad has been transferred as a result of the incident, he and his girl run away from home on his motorcycle, which he crashes and kills her. So he drags her back to the base where he gives her a whiff of the gas and she is zombified! Now they’re on the run from the army, cops IMG]-2and cholos, and the girl realizes the only way she can suppress her hunger for brains is to cut her skin with glass and metal! This movie is funny and gory and sexy.  I know there’s not a lot of competition when it comes to sexiest zombie-chick of all time, but Melinda Clarke takes the prize and she shows all her stuff. This is undoubtedly Brina Yuzna’s best film (as director, he did produce Re-Animator), and instantly one of my top 10 zombie pics. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Living Doll (1990) A morgue worker has an obsessive crush on the IMG]-5flower shop girl in the hospital, and when she unexpectedly shows up on the slab, he takes her home and proceeds to live a happy boyfriend/girlfriend life with her. She meanwhile, decomposes. Eartha Kitt is the apartment manager who wonders what that smell is. In her only acting credit, Katie Orgill plays Christine, who has a great rack and is very naked, dead and alive. (He sees her as alive when they interact) Not a bad movie, but I was hoping for a little more action.

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