From the Rookie Corner – The Lego Movie

OK. There was a part of me that DESPISED the movie before I even saw it. First, having four short people asking me nearly every day – often several times per day – when the movie was coming out was enough to drive me mad. And then, there was this:

Possibly the most annoying song EVER. So, in my book, this movie started with two strikes against it. Still, I assembled the tribe and off we went to see The Lego Movie. Two words, kids – HOLY HELL!! I know I have mindlessly watch Lego Batman a few times. Meh. Not terrible – but not great either. The Lego Movie WAS great. How great? Batman hitches a ride on the Millennium Falcon. I feel like I should just end it there. Batman + Millennium Falcon = awesome. Seriously – I should just stop there. But there’s more. Multiple superheroes make appearances along with plenty of familiar Lego characters. Maybe I have assembled too many Lego kits… but I was amused. Aside from being kid friendly, there are plenty of jokes and pop culture tidbits for the adults watching this movie. If you are dragged against your will to the theater, you won’t hate sitting through it.

The visuals in the film are just amazing. This computer animated film LOOKS like a Lego masterpiece. I am sure many children – and adults – will be inspired as each scene is created with familiar blocks. I could see little wheels turning as they watched the movie. The story centers around Emmett, voiced by Chris Pratt,  a regular go-with-the-flow kinda guy who thinks as little as possible. (I’ll pass on the snarky remark here). Add the punish badass Wyldstyle (voiced by Elizabeth Banks), Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman), Lord Business (Will Ferrell) and the hilarious Batman (Will Arnett). Emmett is mistaken for a hero spoken of in a prophecy when he accidentally finds the “Piece of Resistance” and has to save the world from the evil Lord Business.


The BEST part of the movie – and I mean EPIC…..  I did not see it coming. There are no hints in the featurettes or trailers – and I won’t tell you about. I know – I’m an asshole – but trust me, when you see it, you will agree. Hopefully everyone else will keep it to themselves too. This movie is brilliant, funny, touching – and does NOT have too much singing. Just go see it. A rookie STRONGLY recommends it. It was so amazing – I have zero snark. Which is a rare thing..

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