Monsters Are Such Interesting People – 60s Japanese Horror!


iFLSn9CMatango aka Attack of the Mushroom People (1963) Japanese IMG]horror about a shipwreck whose passengers are stuck with a choice of starving, or eating the islands abundant mushrooms, which unfortunately cause those who ingest them to become mushrooms themselves. Lots of colors and freaky sets. Wasn’t the psychedelic era a few years later? What I couldn’t get past was the similarities to Gilligan’s island, which premiered a year later. There was a millionaire who carried a great deal of cash on him, a famous singer with fancy clothes (same as a movie star, right?), a professor, a “Skipper”, etc. Great stuff from director Ishiro Honda, father of Godzilla.


Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell (1968) The survivors of a plane IMG]-3crash encounter a blob-like space alien who take over bodies and turn their victims into bloodsucking vampires. The soap opera-type characters include a sleazy politician, a businessman and his slutty wife, an American war widow, the heroic airplane crew, etc. Like the Day the Earth Stood Still, Plan 9, and countless others, the aliens inform the humans that due to their violent nature they brought this attack upon themselves. In Japanese with subtitles.

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