Monsters Are Such Interesting People – Future-Kill

MONSTERSFuture-Kill (1985) I had been put off of this film for 25 years because of bad reviews. The hook was that Ed Neal and Marilyn Burns of Texas Chainsaw Massacre were reunited on screen for the first time in 11 years, but that’s the least I care about. This Texas made indy starts out as a frat comedy with tits and mischief at a dumb college party. Eventually, five fratboys dress up as street punks to pull a prank. They go to the other side of the tracks to kidnap one of the protestors that now occupy the inner city streets. The peaceful “punk rockers” are protesting the effects of nuclear fallout, but one member of the punk-mutant gang, Splatter, has gone insane from radiation and for some reason I missed, he is half cyborg. He kills one of the fratboys, and when the mutant boss protests, he gets killed too. Now the plot begins to resemble The


Warriors very closely as Splatter blames the leader’s murder on the frats, and now a gang of angry armed punk rockers chase them around the streets. Some pretty punk chicks help them along the way, and they manage to find their way into a club long enough to see a cool Austin local band called Max and the MakeUps play three songs. Nudity and over the top gore, a bit amateur, but this was a fun flick. Originally rated X, the version I saw came in at 83 minutes. IMDB lists it as 89 minutes, but for all I can tell, 83 is the complete version.  You’re not gonna find many positive reviews for this one, but I’ll stand behind it, this is definitely a movie I would watch again.

IMG]Somehow, they got H.R. Geiger to do the poster art.

Check out Max and the MakeUps!


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