Monsters Are Such Interesting People – More from Something Weird Video


IMG]-4The Amazing Transplant (1970) A young man gets all rapey every time he sees a girl with gold earrings in this early 70s seedy-theater jack-off flick. Turns out the guy blackmailed a doctor into transplanting his dead friend’s dick on to him, hoping the friend’s confidence with the ladies would rub off. I can’t even remember what significance the earrings had. Legendary female titty-film director Doris Wishman made 30 films in the 60s and 70s, starting with “nudie cuties” and nudist colony documentaries. These violent ones were called “roughies.” Her best title was “Bad Girls Go to Hell.” Kinda hard to watch, a lot of naked chicks, but most of them I didn’t want to look at. Something Weird video had some extras including a 50’s scare featurette about venereal diseases produced by the military that made me almost barf. 
IMG]-5The Curious Dr. Humpp aka La Venganza del Sexo (1969) Argentinian black & white softcore porn disguised as a SciF/Horror flick. A mad scientist has his army of monsters who look like they have wooden faces kidnap young people who are having sex and forces them to have more sex in order to complete his experiments on the human libido. The doctor may have been from outer space, I’m not quite sure. Obviously, a ton of nudity, and a few of the girls were quite attractive. Something Weird video had a few nudie shorts as bonus features.

Double Feature:

IMG]-6Hitch Hike to Hell (1976) A momma’s boy drives a van for a local Laundromat and picks up hitch-hikers, then strangles them after giving them makeshift interviews that reveal they had ran away from home. The one girl who didn’t run away and loved her mother was spared. When he goes home, his mother treats him like a child and he builds model airplanes and drinks root beer. An unlucky homosexual meets his end as well when he hitches the wrong ride. Professor Russell Johnson plays the police chief, warning runaways and looking for clues. Lots and lots of nudity in this sleazefest.
IMG]-7Date with a Kidnapper aka Kidnapped Coed aka The Kidnap Lover (1976) A red-haired teen gets nabbed and taken to a sleazy motel. Coincidentally the motel has been help up by a pair of gangsters who kidnap the kidnapper and rape the girl. The original kidnapper gets his hands free and shoots one guy in the dick and the other in the ass! This all happens in the first 20 minutes. 20 awesome minutes I might add. It falls apart after that, she develops a case of the Stockholm Syndrome, then it’s gone, then it’s back. I suspect a reel was missing somewhere because it got incoherent for a bit, and timed in at 76 minutes. Surprisingly, no nudity. Another reason to believe the film was not in its complete form. The first third of the flick make it worth a watch, and the short run-time keeps it from tedium.


The extras include trailers and a half hour tour through the offices of the porn-exploitation studio Box Office International, which produced both flicks on this disc. Also included are three short subjects: A 3 minute striptease from the late 50s where a girl must keep removing clothes to get a ride, a 10 minute scare film with a police officer warning children what not to do when confronted by strangers, including a few excellent dramatic reenactments, and a lame animated feature that had the same message as the second short did.


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