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sw logoMike Vrany, founder of Something Weird Video, the best damn video company EVER, passed away last week.  SWV has thousands of obscure titles in several genres, mostly smut.  Check out their website:

And here’s the trailer that opens all SWV releases

IMG]DVD Review: Something Weird Video Double Feature
David F. Friedman (who died in 2011) is best known for serving as producer on Hershall Gordon Lewis’ gore classics, such as Blood Feast and 2000 Maniacs, but he, along with Hershall first made their money in nudie flicks, first light-hearted romps with naked girls at swimming pools or playing volleyball, and later “roughies” which feature much more vulgar storylines such as rape and drug abuse. These are a couple roughies produced by Friedman, both in Black&White

IMG]-3The Defilers (1965) A couple bored rich boys out for fun are tired of screwing the same broads and end up kidnapping and raping a young girl new to Hollywood for no other reason than “kicks.” Lots of nudity from beginning to end, and the girls were pretty good looking.

IMG]-2Scum of the Earth (1963) H.G. Lewis himself directed this one (under the name Lewis H. Gordon) about a sleazy nudie photo distributor who tricks young girls into taking provocative pictures, then blackmails them into taking more. Not a lot of actual nudity in this one, though a ton of near-nudity. Best thing about this one is that it had the scene of a man telling a girl that she was “damaged merchandise, and this is a fire sale!” If you’ve ever seen a Something Weird Video, you will recognize that line from their promo ads!

Bonus Features Ten other nudie trailers are featured, all bursting with Black&White titties and ranging from three to seven minutes long! Hell, A 7 minute titty trailer, why see the movie? It also had two short films featuring photographers taking naked pictures, a very fun 10-minute “intermission reel” that features food advertisements among other thing that was shown during old days of Drive-Ins, and a gallery of dozens of movie ads for similar titles, with a background 10 minute sales pitch for an “educational” sex book from the 60s that will be brought directly to your car to save you the embarrassment of waiting in line for it! Fun stuff!

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