Monsters Are Such Interesting People – 1983 was a Good Year for Gory Sci-Fi!


Xtro (1983) Ultra gory, bizarre Brit Sci-Fi/Horror. A ten year old boy is convinced his father was zapped into the sky three years ago, though his mother insists he walked out on them. When dad finally returns, it is in the form of a hideous alien, who mutilates several people before “impregnating” a woman which results of him being born in full grown human form several hours later! Claiming he has no recollection of the last three years, he moves back in with son and wife, who now has a live-in boyfriend. His plan is to take his son back with him, and he gives him the power to make anything he imagines come true. The boy uses this to make some of his toys come to life and murder an old lady in his apartment who was pissing him off! Not to be overlooked is the sexy au pair, played by future Bond Girl Maryam d’Abo (The Living Daylights) who delivers some A+ nudity. That, with multiple gross-out gore fx make this a must see sleaze classic. Spawned two sequels.


The Deadly Spawn (1983) A flesh-eating space creature with no eyes, multiple heads and a mouth with hundreds of teeth finds it’s way into a family’s basement and spawns about a thousand little slugs, also with mouths full of teeth. Teenage boy and school friends working on a science project fight off the intruders with the help of little brother, who is a horror movie buff with knowledge of fx and explosives. One of the highlights is when the creatures crash a little old lady’s tea party. This low budget gem is funny, charming and extremely gory, and is certainly one of the great under appreciated sci-fi horrors of the 80s. I rented this often as a teenager, the VHS had the alternate title “Return of the Aliens Deadly Spawn” for what I assume would be to trick someone into thinking this was an Alien sequel. No tricks necessary, this is B-Movie Gold.

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