Monsters Are Such Interesting People – New Year’s Evil

New Year’s Evil (1980)
Roz Kelly is a Rock n Roll/New Wave TV hostess counting down New Year’s Eve in all 4 time zones from a live broadcast in Hollywood. A crazed caller who identifies himself as “EEEEE-VILLLE” promises to murder someone live on the air (via phone) during every New Year’s countdown. She’s got a junky son and a missing ex-husband to
worry about as well. Pretty bad, but fun to watch slasher. What makes it for me are the punk rock attendees of the live show, and the fake bands, Shadow and Made in Japan, who dress punk enough, but seem to play shitty bar-rock and slow boring Claptonesque blues. So bad it’s good. Lead actress Roz Kelly has her place in pop culture for playing Pinky Tuskadero in Happy Days.

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