Monsters Are Such Interesting People – Silent Night Deadly Night 3

Silent Night Deadly Night 3
: You Better Watch Out (1989) The infamous slasher and its cheap, half-flashback sequel told the story of Billy and Ricky, two orphan brothers who grew up to be mass murderers on Christmas.  Ricky got his head blown off at the end of part 2, but now it is supposedly 6
years later, and he lays in a coma with a clear plastic headguard over his head, covering his exposed brain!  A doctor is experimenting with a young psychic blind girl (with kind of a bad attitude) who is hooked up to Ricky, and can see his memories in her dreams. This is all on Xmas eve, by the way. Her brother (with Michael Bolton hair) picks her up with his hot girlfriend and they drive up to granny’s house. Ricky wakes from his coma, kills some of the hospital staff, reads the blind girls thoughts, and hitch-hikes (with exposed brain, don’t forget) to granny’s house, and somehow gets there and hour before her. Now that the character of Ricky is played by Bill Mosley (Devil’s Rejects), he’s no longer muscular, but I guess six years in a coma will do that to you. But what about the atrophy?  Well anyway, he kills granny, so when the 3 get there and find granny is missing, what do they do? Go
upstairs and have sex in granny’s bathtub, of course. Some good nudity from Laura Harring, who went on to have a long career in mainstream TV. A cop and a doctor have an incredibly boring car ride up to the house as well.  I Spy’s Robert Culp is the cop, and apparently he forgot how to act in his old age.  The doctor tells Culp in his dying breath to “Don’t be stupid.”  That alone was worth a rewind.  Long-time Los Angeles radio DJ Jim Ladd has a cameo as a news reporter.  Director Monte Hellman who has several well received films under his belt, such as Two-Lane Blacktop and China 9 Liberty 37 somehow got involved with this nonsense.  Watch it for laughs!

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