JK’s Happy Hour: Peter David!

JKIn this week’s episode, Darrell and J.K. talk a bit about their upcoming appearance on Double Page Spread for their second annual “Top Ten” episode, the new addition to Taylor Network family: The Valiant Podcast, Thanksgiving Day festivities and who would win in a battle between Doctor Who vs. Galactus.
Back by popular demand, Captain Marcus Bertrand’s Log!! This week, the captain is called to Wolf 359 to help in a hopeless battle against the Borg. Fortunately for him and his lady friend from Risa, communications are down, phasers are offline and there is a “warp core breach” that prevents him from responding. Like him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CaptainMarcusBertrand
00:20:45 – THIS WEEK’s COMICS
JK tries to discuss Dark Horse’s “5th Beatle” but ultimately decides that IDW’s new mini, “Mr.Peabody and Sherman”  will annoy Darrell even more.
Darrel introduces us to “Bunker” by Fialkov.
00:25:10 – OFF TO THE PUB 
Darrell and JK are joined again by “friend of the show” Peter David! We talk about his incredible 8+ year run on X-Factor and what’s in store for the new Marvel Now series!! 
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We speak in detail about his latest Crazy8 title, “Fearless”, co-written by his daughter Caroline  with cover art by J.K.Woodward.
00:54:26 – BLOOPERS
00:55:15 – OUTRO MUSIC
Mr. Peabody & Sherman
Original air date: 3/24/1960
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